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The 3rd conference of Asia Color Association (ACA) will be co-hosted by Color Association of
China and China Fashion & Color Association. You are warmly welcome to this grand event.
This conference will provide a platform for exchange of views, through which the participants
will explore the science of color, its application, its culture and other related hot issues in
order to promote its development and the communication between academic and industries.
Participants are as follows: researchers, scholars, students, artists, architects, entrepreneurs,
engineers, designers, teachers, lighting experts, color practitioners.



Conference Theme: Color Driving Power

The theme is defined as “Color Driving Power” because we want more color-lovers to have a full exchange of views on color application and methodology through this platform and get to know more about color culture. Through communications of minds and conceptions, participants will gain a better understanding on how to enhance color application, promote color culture communication, hence injecting more impetus into the color business.



Opening for submitting Sep 15th, 2015
Deadline for abstract Jan 31st, 2016
Notice of acceptance Feb? 29th, 2016
Deadline for full paper submitting Mar 31st, 2016
Opening for registration Jan 1st, 2016
Deadline for early registration Apr 30th, 2016


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